Found at the heart of one of the liveliest districts in Tokyo, Shibuya is a prime example of what you may expect from the busy city life that Tokyo is so well-known for. Surrounded by soaring skyscrapers, the streets are lined with most of the trendiest stores with picturesque cafes and sporting a modernised look, bringing the youthful atmosphere of this place all together. Once the city grows colder, the dusk besieges the night and the moon glows brightly above, Shibuya completely transforms. And connected right next to Shibuya Station standing tall in the middle of it all is Shibuya Sky.

Modern Renovation

Having been a part of a renovation plan to modernize and rejuvenate the area, the construction of the Shibuya Scramble Square building that hosts the Shibuya Sky observation deck on its rooftop began in 2014. A total of three buildings are planned to be erected by 2027, including Shibuya Scramble Square which is the eastern building, a central building, and a western building. The eastern building only opening in October of 2019 shortly before Japan closed to the rest of the world due to the pandemic, unfortunately not many people have been able to visit this spectacle. The pure beauty this place has to offer is hard to find anywhere else and it is only a matter of time before it quickly rises to the top as one of the best observation decks you can visit, eyeing to overtake the spot that Tokyo Skytree holds. Understandably, Tokyo Skytree is quite widely regarded as one of the top spots for the best sweeping views of the city as it is not only the tallest building in the whole of Tokyo, but Japan as well. However, there is an argument to be made here where Shibuya Sky might actually be the better option between the two.

Beautiful Views

The key selling point for Tokyo Skytree is the sheer height it posses as the city dwarfs below at its feet, yet that also becomes its weak point compared to Shibuya Sky. The problem with the height is that because it is so tall you get incredible views of the city that stretches into the horizon, but it makes it hard to see the details of Tokyo below such as the moving cars and pedestrian traffic on the streets. With Shibuya Sky as it stands as the tallest building in the Shibuya area you are still able to see far and wide, but it is at the perfect height where you can see the details of the streets so vividly below. Debatably, the Shibuya area is more architecturally appealing to the eye with the hard work that has gone into the reconstruction of the area as it illuminates vibrantly at night. It is a must-visit when coming to Japan, you will not be disappointed.

The featured image at the beginning of this post is from Mound238 of PixaBay.