Zam Zam has an interesting name and an interesting incense stick. They are a family owned company who operate out of London. A subsidiary of Zamzam International. These are actually pretty hard to obtain short of buying them in London or directly from their website.

According to their website the phrase Zam Zam means:

Zamzam is an Arabic word which means copious and abundant. Our vision is to make an Islamic department store where our customers can find all their Islamic merchandise under one roof.

One of their signature attributes is that the incense sticks are wrapped in foil to help maintain freshness. This is something which you often won’t see in incense stick lines, with most incense manufacturers using either wax paper or simple plastic bags. It also adds a unique look to the product which makes it stand out when sitting next to similar products. It also leads to a fresh smelling incense stick, with much less mellowing than some other brands. Also out of the ordinary, they come in packs of 18 incense sticks. They are marketed as ‘hand dipped’ and are said to burn for about an hour.

I burned a couple different scents and I actually do like these. They smell relatively true to their scent but they are a tad heavy on the fragrance oil for my taste. Many people prefer heavy smelling incense sticks though, and if that is what you like, then I would definitely recommend these. Personally, I prefer more earthy smelling incense sticks.

I hope you found this information beneficial.