Incense has had a widespread influence upon societal development since it’s inception in Ancient Egypt. Although it was primarily used as a religious offering, over the years incense has been thought to have many other uses and benefits.

I am going to discuss some of the benefits and reasons for burning incense.

As a Religious Offering

One of the original uses of incense was as a religious offering. In Egypt, incense has been found in the tombs of pharaohs. In places such as India, burning incense is common practice at temples. It is even used in Catholic traditions, due to frankincense and myrrh being given as a gift to baby Jesus in the Bible.

Meditative Practice

Meditation can help one achieve inner peace and a calm state of mind. Incense has a historical relation with the practice of meditation. Many practitioners feel that burning incense during their meditation sessions helps them to focus on the task at hand.

I would personally recommend sandalwood, lotus, or nag champa for meditation.

Yoga Practice & Studios

In a similar fashion to meditation, incense can help one focus during yoga practice. Many yoga teachers burn incense to help people relax. Yoga can also be physically taxing for some individuals and result in sweat. A benefit of burning incense is that negative odors in the area are diminished and hidden by the incense fragrance.

Relax Yourself

True relaxation is hard to come by in today’s modern world. We often treasure the little things in life, and for many people, incense is one of those things.

If you’re truly looking to relax, I would recommend nothing else than a cup of tea, incense, a bath, and a book.

I would personally recommend lavender, sandalwood, or frankincense incense if you are looking to relax.

The Appreciation of Other Cultures

Many people consider incense an important part of their heritage. Although the practice of burning incense is relatively straight forward, several cultural practices have evolved due to it. Some examples include kodo and the Ten Virtues of Koh.

Incense was also used as a form of primitive clock in Ancient China and surrounding regions.

Destroys Negative Odors

One of the original uses of incense was in the church. Although it was also used as a religious offering, another reason it was burned in the church is because most people would attend such events after a hard days work, and due to poor hygienic, many of them would smell ‘not so pretty’. Burning incense allowed people to congregate in an area without having to smell each other.

Remain Focused

Another benefit of burning incense is that it is thought to enhance one’s focus. This is often why people burn it during yoga and meditation. The scent creates a focal point which one may use to hold their attention.