While most people envision sushi as primarily a rice and sushi dish, it also holds a form which can be easily adapted to contain just about any ingredient you wish. An interesting variation is made with collard greens. The combination of mint and cilantro is old classic found in many traditional recipes in places such as Greece. The carrots and bell peppers add a nice crunch, while the cream cheese smooths it over.

These may not be your traditional sushi rolls, but they are delicious in their own way.

You could definitely modify these or add other ingredients if you’d like.

Hope you enjoy!


  • Raw collard green leaves (washed, dried and de-veined)
  • Cream cheese
  • Fresh cilantro leaf
  • Fresh mint leaf
  • Carrots (slice thinly)
  • Peppers (slice thinly)
  • Black pepper (optional)

Other recommended ingredient suggestions include avocado, cabbage, cucumber, or tomatoes.


  1. Place half of a collard green leaf upon your cutting board.
  2. Smear some cream cheese on one side.
  3. Organize your vegetables on the side nearest to you.
  4. Roll into a tight wrap.
  5. Wet and seal the seaweed with water. If needed, you can seal the outer layer with cream cheese.
  6. Cut your sushi with a very sharp sushi knife.
  7. Enjoy!


A good tip for cutting sushi is to make sure the chunks are large enough. It is very hard to cut very small pieces of sushi.