For a long time now, artists have been using art to express their thoughts and emotions. It has been a medium that has given them a sense of freedom for years. There are a lot of great things that art can do for you. You might not notice the value that it has in our lives but almost everything surrounding us is art. It comes out in the most natural form.

Sometimes, you’ll find that art is full of emotions that affect us in ways we might not comprehend. However, art can be a medium to help us see the big picture and tap on our potential. A study conducted by the University of Ashford found out that our brains undergo a series of changes when we interact with different forms of art. Other studies prove how powerful art is. Here are some of the ways that art can change our lives for the better.

Art allows you to express your emotions

Some people never find and use the right words when expressing themselves. Some become anxious that other people will misunderstand and judge them. However, through art, people get to understand each other. Through this medium, you don’t have to explain yourself to other people. All you need to do is let the emotion out in any medium that you can readily use.

When you express yourself through art, you’ll get to feel relieved. It’s not only free but also healthy. Creating artwork will help you cope with a wide range of emotions that can limit your levels of productivity. It can help in relieving depression and stress. Expressing yourself to others can be difficult. However, through art, you can be yourself.

Art evokes emotions

Most of the time, engaging with art involves other people in society. A single piece of art can touch the hearts of millions of people. We have all experienced the feeling of inner transformation using a piece of art. It helps in identifying with different emotions. When art moves you, you’ll form the habit of stopping and meditating.

You’ll start asking yourself, “What does this piece mean to me?” “Why do I experience different kinds of emotions when I look at this piece of art?” Art absorbs the feelings and emotions of artists. A perfect example is a natural scenery that mother earth has. Our oceans and mountains are perfectly reflected by artists. As you probably know, nature has a soft spot in most peoples’ hearts. It can heal and comfort in ways we could never imagine.

Art enhances our well-being

If art evokes different types of emotions, consider that your well-being has been affected positively. Various research studies have shown that art therapy can accelerate the healing of people suffering from anxiety and depression. Their improvement happens rapidly compared to those who don’t admire art. So, what does art have to affect you this much?

You might think that art doesn’t have a huge impact on your thoughts and emotions. But have you ever gone on a vacation where nature fascinated you? Have you ever jumped into a river or ocean and felt alive? Have you ever been comforted with a piece of literature or music? Almost everything around you is pure art. The trees, buildings, and vehicles on the street are art.

Art communicates everywhere

When you don’t want to speak, art will naturally take over. It’s a specialized form of communication that doesn’t need any form of language. When you look at it, you’ll naturally create a strong connection. Most people have the tendency of not caring about the opinions of others. We create gaps and barriers.

However, through art, you can feel what another person is feeling. We don’t have to know the person. Through art, we can build strong bridges to get to them. Artists have a special way of spreading their message to the world. The use of art informs and empowers communities across the world. Social issues can be discussed through art.

Art makes you smarter

Looking at a piece of art directly positively affects the brain. A study conducted by the University of London back in 2011 found out that blood flow to the brain increased by ten percent when the participants looked at beautiful paintings. Also, another study was conducted in 2013 and it revealed that students who attend art exhibits regularly have higher empathy, critical thinking, and tolerance skills compared to those who don’t. These and hundreds of different examples prove that art is beneficial to your life. Art lovers are smart people.

Art boosts your productivity

Gazing at art might seem like procrastination. However, scientific studies prove the opposite. According to the Guardian, office workers who have artwork and plants in their workspace get more tasks done successfully by an extra 15 percent compared to those who don’t. Their rate of productivity doubled when they were allowed to organize the art in the sequence that they preferred. Different colors in the workplace influence how much work you do during the day. The color blue provides some sense of stability while yellow boosts mental focus.

Art changes lives

As the popular saying goes, change is the only constant thing across the world. Everything in our environment is always evolving. And the same applies to art. It has changed the lives of millions over the past decades. And it continues making history as we celebrate in the present moment. Art not only improves our overall health but also gives us a sense of purpose.

Producing and looking at different forms of art changes how we look at life and encourages us to keep on keeping on. Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed about something? Take a couple of minutes to look at art or draw something. Art will allow you to escape from the daily grind and allow you to solve complex problems without harming your mental health.


There are different kinds of art around the world. And all of them are used to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. Art impacts our physical and mental health positively. Now is the time to escape into another world. Look at different drawings. Draw something quickly. Or go to nature.