Remembering Lisn Incense Sticks

From the ancient kodo ceremonies, to the Ten Virtues of Koh, it is quite clear that incense has a special place in the hearts and history of the Japanese people. Japanese incense is quite different in style to other countries though. Light, subtle wood and floral arrangements are typical. Surprisingly, this actually leads to their scent being quite complex in nature. Since it is generally not overpowering, one can often pick up distinct scents throughout the experience.

Shoyeido is a very popular Japanese incense manufacturer who began crafting incense in the 18th century. Over 12 generations later, they are still producing a quality incense which is held to a very high standard. It could even be the standard when it comes to Japanese incense.

Lisn is another popular Japanese incense manufacturer. The Lisn incense company is actually owned and operated by Shoyeido. A sort of ‘sister’ company. Lisn incense used to be sold in North America, but was discontinued, apparently due to low sales. Despite being highly popular in Japan, Lisn failed to do well in the USA’s market. I believe it was discontinued around 2009.

It’s to bad because it is very high quality Japanese incense, and was unique in comparison to it’s sister brand Shoyeido.

If you’re ever visiting Japan, I recommend picking some up, because it can be hard to find elsewhere.