Today I am reviewing Chili Lime Leaves Cashews by Nuts & Nuts.


Wow! Packed with flavor!

Initially, you can really taste the kaffir lime leaves, which I am sure is not an easy flavor to get into a cashew.

After eating just a few, there is a moderate, yet well-controlled burn from the chili.

The cashews themselves are a little larger in stature than the cashews I am used to purchasing in the United States of America. Perhaps they have different varieties in Indonesia where these cashews are supposedly grown.

They also seem a bit softer than what I am used to, and they are very pleasant to chew, but I am not sure if that is due to the quality of the cashews, or the quality of the roasting process.

These are probably the best tasting cashews I have ever tried, but I did not expect the bag to be so tiny.

You really do not get a lot of cashews in the bag and it’s easy to eat them all up at once.