The pandemic has turned most of us into home buddies whether by chance or by choice. By chance, if you have been under a work-from-home arrangement for the last two years. By choice, if you are among those who chose to officially quit their job and prioritize personal well-being amid the spread of the pandemic. For that reason, your living space matters now more than ever. After all, that’s where you spend most of your days.

It only follows that you aspire bigger in terms of how your home looks and feels. It’s high time that you reimagine your humble abode. Turn it into something more comfy and stylish.

Here’s a list of trending decor themes you may adopt.

Mid-Century Interior

This interior design theme became popular from the 1930s to the 1960s. Its defining characteristics include organic curves and clean lines. Those are accentuated with a compendium of different shapes and materials, resulting in a classic look that’s sure to withstand the test of time.

A mid-century interior favors materials such as wood, glass, metal, and vinyl. As for colors, the possibilities range from neutral, like black and white, to bold, like gold and red. This interior design theme’s right up your alley if you want something understated but not boring.

Beach House Theme

If you’re the type to post photos with the hashtag “Vitamin sea” on Instagram, this interior design theme suits you well. It’s all about being chill and laid back and any other related word you could think of.

No, your beach-house-themed home doesn’t have to be on a beachfront. You could turn your studio apartment on the 11th floor of a condo in the middle of an urban jungle into something that captures the island vibe.

Begin with color. Think shades of blue, such as turquoise. Pair that with white and pastel shades. Throw some seashell accents into the mix. And don’t get stingy with wood that you could use for cabinets, shelves, and tables.

Zen Theme

Life gets a little too hectic sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a place that’s the exact opposite of how frenetic it is outside? If that resonates with you, then a Zen-themed home is likely your cup of tea.

Here, the goal is to manifest calm and peace. That’s doable via precise design choices. Start with indoor plants. If you could get your hands on a couple of bonsai plants, that would be awesome. Alternatively, you could opt for bamboo or snake grass. Other design focal points include neutral colors, soft lights, and floor-level furniture.


A truly Italian-inspired home combines rustic and contemporary elements. The goal is to come up with a living space that’s homey and practical. Picture natural terracotta matched with redwood. Think pretty flea market finds juxtaposed with modern aesthetic home appliances.

And speaking of the kitchen, that’s often one of the focal points of an Italian home. As you know, Italians have a rich culinary culture that requires a well-equipped space to carry out elaborate Mediterranean cooking. So, keep that in mind when assembling your Italian-inspired abode. That goes without saying that you need to keep the bedrooms, bathrooms, dining, and living areas consistent with the theme, too.


Are you a 90s kid? Are you often overwhelmed with nostalgia for how it used to be during the decade of your coming of age? Why not turn that nostalgia into something you could touch and see by way of interior design?

Allow your imagination to run wild. Interpret the decade on your own terms. That could mean letting whatever you envision come to life in the accents you choose, from kitchen appliances to colors.


If you’ve watched an episode or two of Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, you probably have an idea of what minimalism means. Basically, you get rid of unnecessary clutter and go back to basics. The objective is to rid yourself of the weight of unchecked consumerism.

Minimalist interior design became popular back in the 90s. But until now, it’s still the go-to home theme for many. And that’s for understandable reasons. Aside from looking classic, it’s also quite practical. After all, you’re left with only the stuff you have a use for. And that’s pretty much what the theme is all about.

Wrapping Up

Sure, the pandemic will soon end. And when things go back to the old normal, chances are you will once again be out and about. However, do not take that as an excuse to postpone redesigning your living space. Keep in mind that your house not only reflects your personality but also affects your mood. At the end of the day, you want to come home to a place that’s as nice as a warm embrace.

Refer to this list as your jump-off point. If none of the trending decor trends here appeal to you, feel free to explore some more.

Trust that, in no time, you will find what you seek.