Have you ever imagined a world without art? The simple way of describing it would be nothingness – there would be no colour, no shape, no values, except for a blank slate. This thought itself is enough to show us just how important art has always been for humanity. Ever since its beginnings, it’s been used as a narrative vessel to express our innermost feelings and relationship with the surrounding environment.

A quick look at the iconic Mackenzie Thorpe prints is enough to give a clear notion of this. Known as a “global art phenomenon”, he’s a prolific contemporary artist who’s had more than 30 years of creativity. One of his crucial merits includes being said to have changed the face of art publishing in the UK. With his impressive prints inspiring with overflowing emotions, vivid colours, motifs, and shapes that transcend social class and time, he’s managed to get worldwide recognition over the years.

Besides adorning the walls of galleries around the globe, some of his timeless pieces are part of the private collections of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Tom Hardy and JK Rowling. Addressing universal issues many of us are familiar with, starting from hope, happiness, love, and family, all the way to loneliness, sorrow, and despair, his prints offer something for art lovers from all walks of life.

Want to Introduce Mackenzie’s Prints in Your Collection?

Mackenzie Art Print

First and foremost, you’d need to find a reliable official authorised retailer to make sure the purchase is money well spent. You can tell authentic Mackenzie Thorpe prints of quality by checking if they’re signed and numbered by the artist, as well as whether or not they carry an Official Certificate of Authenticity. Once you have this covered, you can be certain your beloved artworks would arrive in top-notch condition, even if you order them online.

Take a Good Look at Your Interior Décor

Mackenzie Art Print 2

It’s no secret using wall prints to your advantage can be of help with transforming your living space, adding instant dimension and texture to it, as well as giving you a way to portray your personality while also creating some form of escapism. Of course, to be able to achieve these results, you’d need to first consider the interior décor.

This is crucial especially given that the Mackenzie Thorpe collection is abundant. In addition to deciding on the themes, choosing from family and love-oriented artworks to the beautiful seasons, cityscapes, landscapes, and football-inspired, it’s advisable to consider whether certain colours and patterns would fit in with your existing colour scheme and style.

In the case of existing art pieces, it’s necessary to have in mind whether or not the new ones would complement them. If you’re interested in creating some more dramatic outcome and aren’t afraid to spice things up, pick a striking print to create contrast and make it stand out by matching it with selected furnishings, such as carpets or cushions, with the same tones.

Choose the Printing Technique

mackenzie thorpe art

Not so much to do with interior, but with your own preference, you’d do best if you also pay attention to the type of print you’re purchasing. Some of the techniques used for the creation of these art pieces include giclee reproduction which captures all of the shades the original work has, silkscreen with different tools used like squeegee and printing press, and lithography with the image being transferred to a printing plate thus producing smoother colour.

Out of the three, giclee is the most popular, with prices being affordable for the wider clientele, much like the other type of reproduction – lithography. If you care about decorating your home with original prints, though, and aren’t limited by a budget, then treat yourself to silkscreen Mackenzie Thorpe prints like his classic “Family” piece featuring the iconic squared sheep.

Decide on the Mounting Options

mackenzie thorpe art 3

Another aspect that’s crucial when shopping for the ideal art prints is that of mounting options. If you don’t care about the price, you’d be glad to know there are pre-framed artworks. In case you decide to buy one of them, carefully check the colour, material, and finish to avoid any interior mishaps style-wise.

Simple frame designs won’t draw any attention themselves, but rather leave the prints in focus, whereas intricate alternatives with eye-catching detailing can serve as decorative pieces that help tie a room together. Can’t afford to buy pre-framed? Fret not, turn to regular Mackenzie Thorpe originals you can frame yourself, or use them to decorate the walls as they are.

And there’s even no need to stick to wall décor if you want to personalise the space with something bolder and unique. For instance, the frameless prints can add a nice pop of colour to a boring bookshelf, unimpressive side table, lacklustre console table or desk.

So no, wall décor isn’t the only solution. Moreover, this is an artist who’s just as famous for his sculptures and you can easily find some of his most famous works in a different form. Better yet why not treat yourself and get the best of both print and Mackenzie Thorpe sculpture worlds?

Pick the Right Size

mackenzie thorpe art 4

Not less important than the previous aspects we’ve covered, there’s the necessity to carefully look through the prints and their measurements when shopping. If you plan on hanging them on the walls, it’s necessary to consider the preferred layout. To be able to create a jaw-dropping gallery wall, it’s best to find the smaller sized pieces that would complement each other.

For an interesting custom approach, vary them in shapes and sizes. For a uniform touch, that’s also symmetrical, buy authentic Mackenzie Thorpe prints of the same shapes and sizes. A pair like this would work wonders for a dull corner in any room you choose – it doesn’t have to be the living room.

Any of the other areas in your abode, be it the kitchen and dining room, the bedroom and bathroom, deserve a little makeover and the addition of artworks is just what’s needed for easy transformation with little effort. Keeping things in proportion would help harmoniously introduce the prints at home instead of overwhelming the space, so don’t forget to consider the spacing between each print either.

Plan the placement, measure up the walls, or desks and tables if you choose to have them rest on a surface, and you’d count on an impressive outcome!